IPL 2020 : Rajasthan Royals beat Kings XI Punjab in high scoring chase by 4 wicket.

Last night, there was a match to stop the breath and increase the beats of every cricket loving fans. Match played between Rajasthan Royals and Kings XI Punjab was the dream match of T20 for everyone. After this match every bowler want to forget this match.

Match Updates Rajasthan Royals Vs Kings XI Punjab :

Rahul Tewatia (51 out of 31 balls) hit five sixes in a moment after Sanju Samson (85 out of 42) and Steve Smith (50 out of 27) hit the shimmering fifties as Rajasthan Royals chased the highest ever IPL to defeat Kings XI Punjab by four wickets in Sharjah. EarlierΒ  Mayank Agarwal scored 45 balls of his first IPL tune and KL Rahul scored 69 for King XI Punjab, who won the first tump and opted to bowl, to 223 for 2. King XI Punjab was sent first to the bat by captain Rajasthan Royals, Steve Smith. Instead of Yashasvi Jaiswal and David Miller, Buttler and Ankit Rajpoot came. In the unchanged team, KXIP joined.

Winning Captain | Steve Smith :

Steve Smith said in post match presentation there has been a some chase like this! Tewatia, that was a kind of show against Cottrell. Here in the last game, we had an idea of the circumstances. It’s a tiny spot, and we figured we still had a chance when we had wickets in the shed. At the moment Samson hit six at will. We’ve seen in the nets that he hit the ball as Cottrell did in that. To him, credit. Three sixes off Cottrell, this is great self-belief, will have us back in this game. Looked like at one stage we might try over 250, credit for taking stuff away from the bowlers.

Loosing Captain | KL Rahul :

In post match presentation KL Rahul said that look, this is T20 cricket, we saw it now for so many years, we’ve done a lot, we got to keep our chin higher and we got to come back higher. We have done a lot of good this evening but these things happen, we have to give it (Rajasthan Royals), a great cricket game. The game still keeps you humble. They battled well towards the end and put pressure on our bowlers, leading to errors. I support them to do the work. In the last two games they were doing well; one bad game is all right. It’s nice that they just benefit from this early in the tournament and return strongly. We’ve witnessed the last 7 or 8 games-whether in Sharjah or in Dubai, the bowlers are going back in time so far in this tournament, the teams are helping their batsmen to kill and get those major over-rides-Sanju Samson and Rahul Tewatia did very well, have been set and played great and deserve this victory.

Man of the match | Sanju Samson :

Great inning played by Sanju Samson, this year Samson played consistent in their both matches. He said in post match presentation that, I’ve been hitting it well for the last year. So I was just sticking to my routine and feeling good about it. I ‘m glad to win a couple of games. I’ve been searching a lot of soul after becoming frustrated with trying stuff. So I decided that if I had ten more years of cricket left in me, I’d like to go back and give it all to me.

Game Changing Moment Of The Match :

Game changing performance

After Sanju Samson dismissal everyone looses hope that Rajasthan Royals wins this match, but in 18th over Rahul Tewatia hits 5 sixes in Sheldon Cottrell over and turns the match situation. This over is the game changing over for Rajasthan Royals.

Rahul Tewatia says in post match presentation that now, I am better. The first 20 balls I ever played were the worst. I hit the ball on the net very well, so I believed and kept going. At first I didn’t hit the ball well, I saw in the exhaust, everyone was curious because they knew I could hit the ball long. I was thinking I must believe in myself. After that, I got going. It was about one six. Five in a while went incredible. Coach sent me off these spinner to hit sixes, but I didn’t hit him, regrettably. I hit the other bowlers, ultimately.

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